Friday, 21 November 2008

New Maliciousness at York University Strike

Please help Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3903.

CUPE 3903 is currently in the second week of a strike and have been sideswiped by some 'unknown' cybersquatter who has registered the URL and pointing it towards the University's own web site.

While they pursue their complaint with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority [CIRA], they're attempting to improve the ranking of their provisional website on Google so that people searching for information about the York University strike find their side of the situation and not just the Administration's ducktalk or websites belonging to anti-strike student groups.

Until they can get their URL back, they are attempting to enhance search engine rankings for their new page by using inbound links. The more websites that link to the better . . . and even more than quantity of links are quality. If they can get popular sites to link the new page, the more Google will promote their new page! [As V.I. Lenin once said, there is a certain quality in quantity.]

Please put a link to the real CUPE 3903 site [] on your website or blog using "York University strike information" as the link text.

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