Monday, 4 February 2008

Surrounded by Humanoids

The other day, while I was killing time at a junk store, I found an object made of two three-inch nails bent around each other - kind of like a metal pretzel. Assuming that they must represent some form of puzzle, I began attempting to separate them [thereby proving my superiority over the humanoids surrounding me] when it suddenly dawned on me that no solution may actually exist for this problem ... what I was holding may well represent the obscure cast-off remainder of some unknown industrial manufacturing process. The only reason for the hope of a solution was the projection of my own need for a solution into the situation. On that thought, I put my new 'toy' down and continued on with my perusing through the other 'pre-enjoyed' objects.

This is, at a microscale, what I constantly fear is happening across the planet right now. We, as a species, always assume that we will eventually figure out the solution to the big problems because problems, by there very nature, must have solutions. [I believe that James Lovelock's observed that Gaia, the planet as a whole, will continue to survive but H. sapiens, on the other hand, cannot automatically assume their that continued survival is guaranteed under the current system.]


Well, I can't take the credit for any of these but I liked them enough to post them. They are all the work of Robert 'Banksy' Banks, the British graffiti/graphic artist and bon vivant. Banks has a number of samples of his work, both indoor and outdoor, at his site as well as a bit of info on himself.

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